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At the Master of English Education Program, we strive to provide the students with fresh and recent knowledge which will enable them to keep up with the fast-moving academic life. The curriculum is designed to strengthen the academic writing, research skills, and teaching expertise of the students since the beginning of their study. Our academic environment allows open and intellectual discussions, sharing sessions, and academic society where students can flourish and hone their skills in their fields of interest. We aim to ensure that every student can complete their academic venture in a timely manner as well as preserve their work to be genuine and original.

We welcome you to the Master of English Education Program Universitas PGRI Semarang, where your academic and professional journey are accompanied by experienced experts in the world of English education.

Siti Nur’Aini, Ph.D.

Head of Department

Master of English Education Program

In serving the purpose of meeting the demand for global education, our Master of English Education Program provides an opportunity that expands, explores, and empowers students in teaching English as the world’s lingua franca. The growth of the language has spread globally that it is important to acknowledge the challenge using the world Englishes and how to teach them. Students are educated and trained to learn the skills to analyse, plan, and conduct research as well as carry out teaching activities in a broad range of contexts. The program trains students to hone their skills in critical thinking and to reflect on their teaching activities.

Our Vision

We strive to train our students at the Master of English Education Program to become professionals who are endowed with integrity, intellect, and academic rectitude; eminent and reputable within the ASEAN region in 2025 by integrating the merit of Pancasila in the veins of our operation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to seek and endeavor the significance of graduates who are:

  • Capable of thinking critically, logically, and systematically and implement them in their professions.
  • Responsible for their scientific ideas and works and willing to share the knowledge to the public.
  • Skillful in identifying, analysing, and adapting to the dynamic of learning evolution, curriculum, and academic aspirations.
  • Accomplished in decision making skills to develop and expand the knowledge in accordance to the academic code of conduct.
  • Able to ensure that the research results are the outcome of honest and honourable study, free of plagiarism, and following the code of ethical conduct in research.

Our campuses

With a tradition of teacher education excellence, Universitas PGRI Semarang (UPGRIS) is one of the biggest teacher training centres in Central Java. It has nearly 12,000 students enrolled at all campuses. To support the diversity of the students and their passion for learning, UPGRIS provides four different campus locations scattered around Semarang City.

Campus I

Campus I is UPGRIS’ original edifice located at Jl. Lontar No. 1 Semarang. The area is near the heart of Semarang City, Simpang Lima. With approximately 2 km distance from the famous city centre, the campus is easily accessible from any directions. One can see the buildings of the campus from Jl. Dr. Cipto, one of the main roads in Semarang. The large campus has vertical gardens, adjacent canteens, and a free clinic facility for students and staff and other provisions provided for the students.

Our postgraduate campus is located within this compound. The five-story building holds classroom, digital library, a campus bank, and a hall for conference on the top floor. The facility provides convenient study environment as the area as public establishment such as copy centres, internet cafes, and entertainment.

Campus II

Campus II is located at the centre facility for teacher training. It provides accommodation, seminar rooms, restaurant, classrooms for training and peripheral building pertaining to the training needs. This facility enables teachers and trainers alike to stay and work and enjoy a little bit of leisure while joining training or workshop because the location is at the heart of Semarang city.

Campus III

Campus III is the centre for practice laboratory and workshop for the students majoring in engineering, computer, and technology. This campus is located in a slightly hilly area of Semarang, about 8 km to the Southeast of the main campus, making the location breezing with fresh air and relaxing study environment.

Campus IV

The latest and the newest addition to the university is the Campus IV complex. The six-story building has double conference rooms, teaching laboratories, Javanese arts and music laboratory, high-tech language laboratory and a sport stadium where students can practice track and field, basketball, futsal and other sports. It also has a canteen, photocopy centre and shops. This complex also holds the student dormitory where the new entrants can stay in during their term of the study. This campus is easily located and visited as its location is across from the Grand Mosque of Central Java.

Teacher training and leadership

At the master of English education program, we believe that our students should practice their teaching skills in all education contexts. We partner with schools in Semarang city and regencies around the city to provide excellent training grounds for the students. in our department, most of our students are in-practice teachers, which enable them to hone their skills more precisely by implementing the theoretical knowledge into their classroom. Today’s students need skills that can take them to the best education contexts and experiences, so we strive and focus on relevant, future-focused learning and practices that can be applied globally. Our program is suitable for those in leadership positions such as principal or school owner, private tuition manager, or in a smaller context like a classroom teacher.

Entry requirements and how to apply

  • Go to 
  • Click on Pendaftaran at the top right corner
  • Click on Pilih Periode Pendaftaran
  • Choose Pascasarjana
  • Click Submit
  • Fill out the form


  • Comfortable classroom with air conditioner, LCD display, and internet connection.
  • Library provides quiet study room, references to support research, textbooks available for references,
  • Seminar hall, campus mosque, canteens
  • Free clinic for students
  • Dormitory for female students
  • Copy centre, internet café, lodgings and residence available near campus area.
  • Our lecturers

All our professors and lecturers are doctors in various fields such as applied linguistics, humanities and social sciences, education, and translation studies

  • Dr. Ngasbun Egar, M.Pd.
  • Prof. Dr. Suwandi, M.Pd.
  • Siti Nur’Aini, M.Hum, Ph.D.
  • Dr. Wiyaka, M.Pd.
  • Dr. Listyaning Sumardiyani, M.Hum.
  • Dr. Senowarsito, M.Pd.
  • Dr. A.B. Prabowo Kusumo Adi, M.Hum.
  • Dr. Arso Setyaji, M.Hum.
  • Dr. Dyah Nugrahani, M.Hum.
  • Dr. Nur Hidayat, M.Hum.
  • Dr. Jafar Shodiq, M.Pd.
  • Dr. Arso Setyaji, M.Hum.
  • Dr. Dias Andris Susanto, M.Pd.
  • Dr. Sukma Nur Ardini, M.Pd.

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